My New Album now on Sale at!

I'm excited to let people know that my album, Movin On' is now available on Bandcamp and will soon be on Spotify.

Most of the album was created, by me!, over the course of 2018.

For instruments I used electronic sounds from the now defunct CalkWalk software Rapture Pro and Session Drummer along with sequenced sounds with my Korg Monologue and the Korg Volca FM synthesizer.  And it goes without saying, my 1974 Bach Bb trumpet with the No. 36 bell.

You can find Movin on' here:

There will be more to come in 2019.

Thanks to all my
fans for your support!


Sometimes I think,We are doomed to make,Cycles,We cannot break.

Joel jammin' with his computer tracks


New Gear

Left to Right: Pocket Operater -  12 Rhythm by Teenage Engineering,
Recently purchased these synthesizers and am learning how to create backup music for the purpose of using with my trumpet improvisations.  I'm hoping to perform live online or in person with these so I don't have to rely on a computer or laptop.  I plan on uploading some videos as soon as I can come up with some music that I like! 

My Span of Years-Arakida Maritake

"My Span of Years" by Japanese poet Arakida Maritake (1472-1549) was composed on his deathbed, and on his birthday.

It encompasses an emotion that those of us at a certain age know well.

Not only was Mr. Maritake on his deathbed the day he wrote this Haiku, it was on his birthday.
________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

Spring is Passing - Matsuo Basho

Matsuo Basho, a famous 17th century Japanese poet, wrote more than 1,000 haiku poems.  Here is one of them for you to enjoy.  I added a little music to go along with it, striving to keep the sounds simple so as not to interfere with the conceptual beauty of haiku.  
I love haiku poems.  I love the way they evoke striking images and ideas with such brevity.