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Is it Soul or Your Soul?

I like to think of my self as a Jazz musician.  But that's not right, exactly.  I am more of a classical rebel with roots in jazz.

I love jazz because I grew up with a dixieland cornet player (my dad) playing late at night while I tried to sleep.  I love classical because of the lush sound of a 100 string players singing out Beethoven, Shostakovich or that well-defined, super clean sound of Mozart.  Also, I grew up in the `60s which means -  for a musician, at least: Dylan, Baez and the Beatles.

So, as I musician, I define myself by all of those people only more, way more.
But as I worked on this new offering, it becomes clear to me that I have a voice, a stubborn voice that returns to me even though I want to go another direction.

Some might ask (and actually have asked me) why bother? The implication being that, "After all you'll never be of the great ones."

I realize that now. But after almost fifty adult years trying, not only was I looking for that voice but I …