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Underwater Journey

I found a great site, where for a reasonable annual charge you can down load video clips, royalty free and some for no extra charge.

So I used several of those clips to put together this short video.  I used a portion of my song When It's Quiet (full version available at

Breath Taking

3 Tracks, 31 seconds

Here is story about a woman who loves snorkeling.    But what lurks below the deep briny?
Here is my latest Musical Musing!  It's about a man and his Gas Mask. 

Hello Everybody!

I'm working on a new 44 second video, "Gas Mask."  I'm using video from a free clip I found online.  Am really EXCITED.  Hope to have it for you by Friday!

I'll announce as soon as it's up.


Musical Musings: Ideas just for the Hell of it.

We live in a time of shorter and shorter sound bites.  So I've decided to create videos on YouTube that are 30 seconds or less.  Sometimes I will use my ZeroPlusOne logo for the video, but I expect to use original video or public domain video that I find on the internet.  Perhaps you may have a 20-30 second video you would like to challange me to set to music.  Let me know, I'm always up for a challenge.

mm2-Beats with Cornet Background

Here is my 2nd Musical Musing.  I thought that I'd like to insert an improvisation into an otherwise electronic track.  I'm looking for cool and groovy.