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What John Coltrane Meant To Me

Today, John Coltrane, would have been 90 years old.  I was notified of this after reading a twitter post by Bill Fletcher, Jr.

John Coltrane's genius was know all over the world.  His unique, beautiful tone on the soprano sax was recognizable immediately by jazz afficionados and the large population of Americans who loved his music.

I was in my late teens when I first discovered his album "A Love Supreme."

It was the `60s, the world was going to hell in Viet Nam and I was draft age and lost in grief for my country and the direction we were headed in those days.  An aspiring classical musician with a highly focus goal of becoming an orchestral player the discovery of Coltrane changed my world forever.

For one thing, I realized that I had to do more with my life than regurgitate music from the 18th and 19th century.  I needed to find deeper ways to express myself.

Sometime, I believe it was the spring of `66 I found my self in Boston at an auditorium at MIT with a full p…

Graffiti Blues- Hip Hop Blues Fusion or Wishful Thinking?

Getting back to Hip Hop Fusion... Take a traditional 12 bar blues, add a few synth sounds, Hip Hop style "Beats" and here is one result. Graffiti Blues

- ZeroPlusOne

Slow Bear Remix

Audio Challenges
I'm learning that uploading to YouTube has some unique challenges for audio.  It seems like they're really helpful when it comes to the video, not so much.  
For example, when I first upload I notice a very noticable softening in the audio levels. When I compensate for this I've found that there may be distosions, perhap as much on my work computer- but when I stream the video on my flatscreen TV extra random sounds happen.  
Perhaps someone out there in cyperland will happen on to my blog and tell me what I'm doing wrong.  Here is a remix of my audio that I came up with today.  I think it has improved the sound.  I'm going to wait a week or so before I upload it on YouTube.

A Bear Climbs Up a Mountain

As with all things, a bear climbing a montain in the 21st century is a little different. Afterall, why bother to travel through rivers and rough forests when all you have to do is hop on I-90? I downloaded this clip from andcreated the music using synths and my cornet.

Is Hip Hop the Last Bastion of Creativity?

Hip Hop-Love it or Hate it, It's Real and Here to Stay
I listen a lot to new and lessor known Hip Hop musicians on Soundcloud.  A lot of the music seems to me to be overly repetitive bordering on boring.  But more often than not the music I hear offers something new.

Using the infinite choice of electric sounds the digital age offers us, on many occasions these artists bring a truly new sound (my opinion, of course).

Today I happened upon this song by Bass player Paploviante and Rap Artist Raquel Divar.

To me, this music is a fusion of Jazz and Hip Hop.  

Have a listen toEastcoast-Westcoast

New Video, After Sleep

I call my new video After Sleep
because the music is from After Sleep, Before Dreams available for download on BandCamp

I was able to download the video clips on  Then I put them together using MovieMaker that came with my new computer (the one with 32 gigs of ram).

The video is a little crude because of my lack of knowledge on how to use the MovieMaker program.  But I am trying to tell a story.  It may not be that obvious but it does have a beginning, middle and end.

 I hope you like the  video .

If nothing else I'm learning a lot about how to use some of this powerful technology that we're being forced to use.  Don't get me wrong, I love it.  The major challenge for me is figuring out the best place to put my time as it's consists of many time consuming but tempting creative avenues.