New Video, After Sleep

I call my new video After Sleep
because the music is from After Sleep, Before Dreams available for download on BandCamp

I was able to download the video clips on  Then I put them together using MovieMaker that came with my new computer (the one with 32 gigs of ram).

The video is a little crude because of my lack of knowledge on how to use the MovieMaker program.  But I am trying to tell a story.  It may not be that obvious but it does have a beginning, middle and end.

 I hope you like the  video .

If nothing else I'm learning a lot about how to use some of this powerful technology that we're being forced to use.  Don't get me wrong, I love it.  The major challenge for me is figuring out the best place to put my time as it's consists of many time consuming but tempting creative avenues.


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