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My New Album on Bandcamp

Today I published a compilation of my tunes, This Warm Air Lingers mostly from work that I produced from 2014 to 2016.  You can buy the whole album or pick and choose the tunes you like best.  Thanks,

John Hickman Naills It! New Dimensions in Political Protest Music

John Hickman relaeased a single on youtube that, for me at least, brings a new dimension to political protest music with While Everyone Was Sleeping.  Using an upbeat, bouncy melody with a killer chorus, hi tells it like it is about what is happening to our world.  Check it out!

Only Heaven by Coldcut featuring Roots Manuva is a wonderful place to find fantastic Indie artists to expand your musical horizons.

Today I found Coldcut, a British duo -with Matt Black and Jonathon More -- that's been on the electronic music scene since the `80s.

For me, Only Heaven is the epitome of a minimalist, electronic music piece that features British rapper Roots Manuva who contributes a nice, clean vocal.  The production quality is to die for.   Have a listen to Only Heaven .  If you like it like I do, perhaps you'll buy it, like I did.

By the way, as long as you're on stop by my site:

I have a lot of tunes there that are priced to sell!

Mr. McNasty - What Happens When a Bully Runs For President


Liron - I Love The Feeling Ft. Alex Maciel (Official Lyric Video)

This youtube video came to me through my Twitter feed.  I thought I'd share it because the song presents a clear message with a simple but effective musical presentation.  And the kids have talent.  I've never seen lyrics roll onto the screen this way before.  If there's an app for that, I'd like to find out about it!

Parsonsfield at the Green Frog Last Night

Last night my friend Nick dragged me out of my safety zone away from the comfort of my computer, keyboard, trumpets where I like to spend my spare time creating new music all by myself (hence the name ZeroPlusOne).

He wanted me to hear a band from New England, Parsonsfield at a local club in Bellingham, The Green Frog. Nick had heard the band years ago and thought they pretty good.

We settled down with a couple of root beers in the small, friendly confines of The Green Frog.

So, in previous blogs I've whined and complained about the lack of creativity in popular music today. It almost seems like the popularity of music today is determined by flashy advertising and music produced in slick, high quality recording studios where notes are tuned electronically and balanced through separate channels and tracks.  

Last night I heard a group that was loaded talent and energy.  The group used lots of  non-traditional instruments such as saw, harmonium, melodica, accordian, electronic synt…