Parsonsfield at the Green Frog Last Night

Last night my friend Nick dragged me out of my safety zone away from the comfort of my computer, keyboard, trumpets where I like to spend my spare time creating new music all by myself (hence the name ZeroPlusOne).

He wanted me to hear a band from New England, Parsonsfield at a local club in Bellingham, The Green Frog. Nick had heard the band years ago and thought they pretty good.

We settled down with a couple of root beers in the small, friendly confines of The Green Frog.

So, in previous blogs I've whined and complained about the lack of creativity in popular music today. It almost seems like the popularity of music today is determined by flashy advertising and music produced in slick, high quality recording studios where notes are tuned electronically and balanced through separate channels and tracks.  

Last night I heard a group that was loaded talent and energy.  The group used lots of  non-traditional instruments such as saw, harmonium, melodica, accordian, electronic synths and more.

To me the style was fresh not essentially rock or blues, some kind of fusion of sounds that brought about a new sound with original rhythms that were sort of like jazz but not quite.  It was like a folk- rock band that wasn't afraid or intimidated by playing off the beat once in a while.

Towards the end of the set, the band unplugged the electric instruments and abandoned the stage for the dance floor where they played several songs featuring a quieter sound and singing with beautiful close harmonies.  The unplugged portion of the show lifted the veil of raucous electric sound and revealed the true, outstanding musical talent in this group.

If you like truly original music with high energy with a wealth of talented players, catch Parsonsfield.


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