Music and the Elderly.

The Picture to the left is the Bellingham Community Band Ensemble before a performance at a local retirement home.

One of the things I do is direct a small ensemble that's composed of members of a larger group The Bellingham Community Band.  The main venue (although not the only one) where we perform are local homes for the elderly.

Our performances are always a unique experience for us and our audiences.  It's probably one of the most important things that I do in my retirement.

I know that we have a positive effect on our audiences, not only because of the positive feedback we get directly from the people who listen to us, but because of videos like this one.

In my life, people have criticized me for spending so much of my life playing, writing and performing music.

It's experiences like our recent performances at retirement homes and other evidence  that music is more than entertainment for people who play and listen to it.


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