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My Span of Years-Arakida Maritake

"My Span of Years" by Japanese poet Arakida Maritake (1472-1549) was composed on his deathbed, and on his birthday.

It encompasses an emotion that those of us at a certain age know well.

Not only was Mr. Maritake on his deathbed the day he wrote this Haiku, it was on his birthday.
________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

Spring is Passing - Matsuo Basho

Matsuo Basho, a famous 17th century Japanese poet, wrote more than 1,000 haiku poems.  Here is one of them for you to enjoy.  I added a little music to go along with it, striving to keep the sounds simple so as not to interfere with the conceptual beauty of haiku.  
I love haiku poems.  I love the way they evoke striking images and ideas with such brevity.  

Announcing Haiku Music

As of today, I'm replacing my Musical Musings with Haiku Music.  Here is my first effort inspired by the Haiku "Awake at Night" written by the famous 17th Century Japanese poet Matsuo Basho .

The idea is to create music based on the rules of Haiku Poetry.  I'm really excited about creating an ancient art form for a 21st century technology!

When you play the video, try to match the poem to the music.

Ambient 86 - Galaxies four minute video

It is often said that we are but mere specks in the universe.  From our perspective, at least when we look at late night starry skies, this is obvious.

But it's a little known fact that the human brain - you have one of those - contains almost as many cells as the Milky Way.

This may be why that, even given all of the important and wonderful information science teaches us about the world around us, there is still a longing for spirituality, that soulful meaning of life.

I would like to think that that longing is what motivates me to create videos like Ambient 86 - Galaxies.

Ambient 86 Galaxies

Celestial Navigation Performance on Saturday in Bellingham

In music , as in life, it's difficult to set out on a seperate and personal path.

First you have to choose a direction, one based on personal skills and interests.

Then you need to find helpers, friends who share your interests and want to join you in your explorations.

And there are always the usual rocks and gullies to navigate around, wrong turns and other complications.  It takes time and hard work and the most difficult part (for me at least) an unshakable focus towards the job in hand.

But when you ultimately succeed a creation is born that is unique, an out of the ordinary experience for the listener.

In my opinion Celestial Navigation is on this path and has been for a while.

Composer, violinist/violist, Didem Somel, is an award winning musician who is also vocalist and keyboard. Her jazz oriented solos on violin Saturday were outstanding.

Glen Anderson, a jazz bassist has a long resume that includes the Tower of Power Horns among other well known bands.

Robby Albrecht, …

One Hundred Ten Seconds for Meditation

Had a long day?  Brutal Week?
Take 110 seconds for yourself. 

HOT: UP TO 451

Here is my latest video. The music is my most modern electronic, ambient and experimental yet.  The video is from  BTW, I'm always interested in working with animation artists who would be interested in collaborating on new projects.


Busy day in the swamp!

Dimitri Shostakovitch

With all of the news about Russia in the media, I thought it would be a good time for me to talk about one of my favorite Russian composers, Dimitri Shostakovitch.*

Currently I'm reading an extraordinary memoir by the composer, Testament, a book I intend to review in the near future on this blog.

Aside from being a fan of  his music most of my adult life, I've always been fascinated by Shostakovitch's life story.

Early on he was considered a young and upcoming talent in the Soviet Union, having attended the Petrograd Conservatory then under the famous composer Alexander Glazunov.

The career of Shostakovitch as a composer began to rise in the Soviet Union when he met the famous conductor Bruno Walter in 1927. Later that year Walter conducted Shostakovich's 1rst Symphony in Berlin.

But after the Soviet Union's propaganda organ Pravda attacked the Shastokovitch opera Lady Macbeth and in a 1936 article "Muddle Instead of Music," Shostokovitch was in danger…

Ski to Sea race-Canoe Leg

Yesterday I caught part of the last leg of the Ski to Sea Canoe Race just before the finish line at Hovander Park. And, I added some of my music.

10 Minute Meditation created by ZeroPlusOne

Ten Minute Meditation video created by ZeroPlusOne

I began meditating back in 1972.  Life got in the way for many years but, eventually I got back to it.

I think that daily meditation of any kind would be greatly helpful for most people during stressful times like today.

With that in mind, I am creating and posting quiet and relaxing videos like the one above in the hope that some people out there will benefit from them.

You can find a lot of information about how to bring a program of meditation into your life at twitter hashtag @meditation.

E ī h w a z photographer, Youtube Artist.

E ī h w a z: A photographer is able to produce a dramatic group of black and white photos with minimal music using percussion, horns a drone  effect and vocals for a strong dramatic effect.  You can find it here.

Truth Tired, a reflection on the current politic

Why Do We Lie?  That is the title of the latest National
Geographic magazine.  It's amazing that such a question even has to be asked in this country.  Yet it does and we will.  The politicians who are lying will continue to do so until they are kicked out of office by the only entity that can do so: the citizens of the United States of America.
Truth Tired was written when others were tired of hearing the truth because facts just don't add up to the results that they're looking for.  So they become Truth Tired. That's why I wrote this piece.  I hope you like it.

Strangers in Their Own Land
If  you want to look into why people lie and why others believe them check out this book

Techie recording stuff

For the best explanation of how compression works check this out at the Home Studio Center YouTube page.
I got this directly from Brian Eno through one of his posts on twitter.

This video by Dave Valles is fantastic for ppl using Sonar Platinum.  In it he quickly highlights ten command keys that I already know will save me tons of time in the future.  I highly recommend Sonar users to subscribe to his YouTube page.

Finally, don't forget to check out my latest video for Fat Lip.

Fat Lip Music Video

Here is my latest music video featuring
Fat Lip, a song from Grafiti Blues.

I will email you a free mp3.

I will email anyone a free mp3 (one song from the album) for adding my album, Grafiti Blues to their playlist!

Just let me know you're email address and the song you would like in the comments below.

My new music video Ambient 85

Two Minute Music Meditation
Looking to relax and take control of your mind?  Here's something to try.
Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit. Set your feet flat on the floor. If you have ear buds or head phones put them on. Sit straight, relax your muscles.  Activate the music, shut your eyes and let the music be your mantra. When the song ends open your eyes. 

"There are 2 Super Powers, The U.S. and World Opinion" - Brian Eno

Who doesn't want to save the world?

Brian Eno is a musician.  He is also a big thinker and has the ability to  pull together information and ideas from the greatest intellectuals, past and present, to unveil the tools people can use to create a sustainable present and future for themselves and everyone else.

 Warning! You must watch to entire video to find out.
You can hear Mr. Eno speaking on the subject here

Grafiti Blues Now Available on Spotify!

Click here to listen.

Grafiti Blues - Digital Album by ZeroPlusOne Now Available

My new album that I worked on for most of 2016 is now available on here: Grafiti Blues.

Grafiti Blues is a collection of original songs that I've put together using computer generated sounds -- including hip hop style beats -- along with audio trumpet improvisations.  

As always, the music is created solely from the  imagination of ZeroPlusOne.

Grafiti Blues Album

For the past year I have worked on a new album featuring me on my cornet along with music generated from computer software.

Using elements from hip hop, blues and free jazz, my goal is to come up with a new sound; a improvisational, minmalist style.

The album will be available on such venues Amazon, itunes, and Spotify.  I expect it to be released within the next month.  I'll also have a copy availble on

Back in Business with Cakewalk/Free Music offer.

So, after 15 days of agony, I'm back in business with Cakewalk software.  Now I have to spend unlimited hours figuring out what is where.

But it's great to be working on my music again.
And, in context of our new administration I re-released an old tune after changing the name from Request Peace to Demand Peace.

Anyone can download it for free here.

Cakewalk software

I started out writing music on the computer using Cakewalk Home Studio program back in `04.  During the years that followed, I upgraded three of four times until I reached sonar 8.5.  I've invested many, many hours learning how to use the software as it was developed for producers in the recording industry rather than pencil and paper composers like myself.

Now Cakewalk is migrating into the cloud (which means large monthly leasing fees).  Evidently a lot of people, including me, took umbrage with that idea.  So, Cakewalk made an offer to those of us who are not fond of the idea of paying monthly fees to replace what we have already bought, they offered up a new version of Platinum with lifetime upgrades PROVIDED that you buy it ($300) before the first of the year.  So, that led to a lot of people trying to download the program last week; with (I suspect) much consternation and heartache and little support.

I was able to download the program to my computer but with multiple probl…