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Grafiti Blues Album

For the past year I have worked on a new album featuring me on my cornet along with music generated from computer software.

Using elements from hip hop, blues and free jazz, my goal is to come up with a new sound; a improvisational, minmalist style.

The album will be available on such venues Amazon, itunes, and Spotify.  I expect it to be released within the next month.  I'll also have a copy availble on

Back in Business with Cakewalk/Free Music offer.

So, after 15 days of agony, I'm back in business with Cakewalk software.  Now I have to spend unlimited hours figuring out what is where.

But it's great to be working on my music again.
And, in context of our new administration I re-released an old tune after changing the name from Request Peace to Demand Peace.

Anyone can download it for free here.

Cakewalk software

I started out writing music on the computer using Cakewalk Home Studio program back in `04.  During the years that followed, I upgraded three of four times until I reached sonar 8.5.  I've invested many, many hours learning how to use the software as it was developed for producers in the recording industry rather than pencil and paper composers like myself.

Now Cakewalk is migrating into the cloud (which means large monthly leasing fees).  Evidently a lot of people, including me, took umbrage with that idea.  So, Cakewalk made an offer to those of us who are not fond of the idea of paying monthly fees to replace what we have already bought, they offered up a new version of Platinum with lifetime upgrades PROVIDED that you buy it ($300) before the first of the year.  So, that led to a lot of people trying to download the program last week; with (I suspect) much consternation and heartache and little support.

I was able to download the program to my computer but with multiple probl…