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My new music video Ambient 85

Two Minute Music Meditation
Looking to relax and take control of your mind?  Here's something to try.
Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit. Set your feet flat on the floor. If you have ear buds or head phones put them on. Sit straight, relax your muscles.  Activate the music, shut your eyes and let the music be your mantra. When the song ends open your eyes. 

"There are 2 Super Powers, The U.S. and World Opinion" - Brian Eno

Who doesn't want to save the world?

Brian Eno is a musician.  He is also a big thinker and has the ability to  pull together information and ideas from the greatest intellectuals, past and present, to unveil the tools people can use to create a sustainable present and future for themselves and everyone else.

 Warning! You must watch to entire video to find out.
You can hear Mr. Eno speaking on the subject here