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Dimitri Shostakovitch

With all of the news about Russia in the media, I thought it would be a good time for me to talk about one of my favorite Russian composers, Dimitri Shostakovitch.*

Currently I'm reading an extraordinary memoir by the composer, Testament, a book I intend to review in the near future on this blog.

Aside from being a fan of  his music most of my adult life, I've always been fascinated by Shostakovitch's life story.

Early on he was considered a young and upcoming talent in the Soviet Union, having attended the Petrograd Conservatory then under the famous composer Alexander Glazunov.

The career of Shostakovitch as a composer began to rise in the Soviet Union when he met the famous conductor Bruno Walter in 1927. Later that year Walter conducted Shostakovich's 1rst Symphony in Berlin.

But after the Soviet Union's propaganda organ Pravda attacked the Shastokovitch opera Lady Macbeth and in a 1936 article "Muddle Instead of Music," Shostokovitch was in danger…

Ski to Sea race-Canoe Leg

Yesterday I caught part of the last leg of the Ski to Sea Canoe Race just before the finish line at Hovander Park. And, I added some of my music.

10 Minute Meditation created by ZeroPlusOne

Ten Minute Meditation video created by ZeroPlusOne

I began meditating back in 1972.  Life got in the way for many years but, eventually I got back to it.

I think that daily meditation of any kind would be greatly helpful for most people during stressful times like today.

With that in mind, I am creating and posting quiet and relaxing videos like the one above in the hope that some people out there will benefit from them.

You can find a lot of information about how to bring a program of meditation into your life at twitter hashtag @meditation.

E ī h w a z photographer, Youtube Artist.

E ī h w a z: A photographer is able to produce a dramatic group of black and white photos with minimal music using percussion, horns a drone  effect and vocals for a strong dramatic effect.  You can find it here.

Truth Tired, a reflection on the current politic

Why Do We Lie?  That is the title of the latest National
Geographic magazine.  It's amazing that such a question even has to be asked in this country.  Yet it does and we will.  The politicians who are lying will continue to do so until they are kicked out of office by the only entity that can do so: the citizens of the United States of America.
Truth Tired was written when others were tired of hearing the truth because facts just don't add up to the results that they're looking for.  So they become Truth Tired. That's why I wrote this piece.  I hope you like it.

Strangers in Their Own Land
If  you want to look into why people lie and why others believe them check out this book